Preserving Excellence through Quality Assurance

Senyorita products are synonymous with quality both locally and internationally. We have a reputation for excellence that we maintain with pride and with a rigorous process of testing and quality assurance throughout our production process.

Every step is monitored and our products are examined thoroughly to ensure the highest level of quality, safety and customer satisfaction.

Our labs are equipped with the latest digital and electronic technologies that utilize the top of the line devices for measurement and quantification.

Complementing the examination process, our lab technicians and professionals are among the best in the business, performing rigorous inspection and tests on all our materials and products. Timely and accurately recorded results are compared and analyzed against international base line standards and any discrepancies are automatically checked and reviewed.

The inspection procedures begin as soon as the raw material is entered into our warehouses and storage facilities and this process continues throughout every production stage. We regularly review our working methodology and our inspection process to update our analytical capacities and validation protocols. Quality assurance is a standard operating procedure that is conducted and repeated systematically and randomly to ensure that our materials, equipment and products meet the highest levels of excellence.

Producing Quality Snacks

Our tradition of producing the finest snacks is based on the vast experience of our human resources. The Senyorita personnel are hand picked for performance, dedication and their capacity for attaining excellence. Continuous training and capacity building with new techniques, advancing equipment and work methodology guarantees the uniqueness of our quality products.

Senyorita continues to seek leading the snacks and biscuits market with an un-wavering discipline for quality and taste. We survey our markets from all the angles, from our vendors to our consumers to ensure exclusivity and distinction.

Since our establishment we have grown extensively and expanded our market share and our product lines. This has enabled us to present an internationally recognized brand with a variety of snacks and sweets that are loved the world over.

Our Certificates