About Us

Welcome to our amazing range of world class snacks. Our mouth watering line up of delicious munchies, Lion and Zeego chips, Break and Windows corn puffs, the sweet Biscorita and tasty Ahlawy biscuits will excite everybody no matter how young or how old.

Capturing the market with a collection of over eighty popular and delectable products, we set the trend. Our brands come to life in the marketplace – ensuring the consumers have delicious snacks available to enjoy throughout the day.

Since its establishment in Egypt two decades ago Senyorita has grown to become an industry leader in the field of producing flavorful foods. Senyorita is synonymous with creativity, innovation, tastefulness and excellence. From our manufacturing team to our commercial professionals, every one of us at Senyorita is dedicated to producing and presenting the finest quality food.

We have manufacturing facilities in four locations and are focused on growth at home and internationally with excellent visibility and superior market reach.

Our Mission, Vision & Core values


Our mission at Senyorita is that of excellence and distinction.
"Distinguishing ourselves with an excellent business and manufacturing process that produces the highest quality snacks and sweets."


Continue leading the market as Egypt’s premier producer of quality snacks and sweets.


• Belief in people
• Recognition
• Coaching and support
• Accountability
• Teamwork
• Excellence in Execution